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Please stay to the end of this paragragh it gets so wierd it might just make you feel better about yourself because you might just be having the worst day ever and you got so bored you found this unknown website that is now known by you. Tell your friends.This website will be talking about art methods and DIY projects you can do with things you can find around your house and from what you need to what you need to buy. On this website you will also find that there is inpiration,spanish topics and true facts.In this website you will find a lot of interesting things.Like other examples Duck Tape Wallet,optical illution and how to make a bag out of an old shirt. All of my topics are child friendly. Also a few thing you might notice will be made up words like 'funner' and grammar thats not so perfect that is not my fault that you look at all of the bad things. k? Other things you might notice will be that you probably notice over reactive exclamation points and question marks or things that just don't make sense just like this paragragh...........but wait i know you are probably thinking that i forgot to mention miss spelled words and spaces that don't belong, but hey it is not my fault that coding does'nt have autocorrect. But no one said i could'nt invent that. Hmmmmm I think that would make tween websites a little less fun. I guess this website is written like this because i have no friends and i am always bored. Actually i have friends and doing tbis makes me HAPPY. So technically i am not bored and if the lack of not seeing fancy words is bothering you combined with the sudden change in topics is bothering you might as well go to another website. Wow! How wierd can this get? Actually it could get really wierd because i keep saying all of my imperfections and i talk like if we were having a conversation...... Also i said to leave if you don't like it which is kind of bad suggesting that i can see the views just like youtube...... Woops didn't want to tell you that ;(.


Do It Yourself

How to make a heart shape nail polish style with things you find around your house!

Here is what you will need to do this fun project:

First what you want to do is paint your nail any color. Then you want to grab a tooth pick or a needle and dip it in your nail polish bottle with the red nail polish.Next you want to make dots in the shape of a heart,connect the dots then you are finished.

How to make your own bag without thread and a needle


Here is what you will need for this fun project:


Here is what you need for this fun project:



This famous painting is named 'The Mona Lisa' and it is made by Leonardo DaVinci. And this is my personal favorate!!!

This famous painting is named 'Autumn Leaves' the painter's name is John Mallias



Hola esta es mi pagina de arte.Yo no tengo muchas cosas espanolas en mi pagina pero podrias chequearlo en ingles ariba de estas palabras. Tambien puedes traducir en google.com pero si hace clic en el, entonces se llevara a la pagina y eliminar este. Aurita no tengo muchas cosas de arte de espanol pero si querias podias chequear mi pagina en unos otros dias.Pero el pintura justo arriba se llama 'autumn leaves' y el que lo pinto se llama john Mallias. Tambien el pintura que esta mas arriba se llama 'La Mona Lisa' y el que lo pinto se llama Leonardo DaVinci. I no vez acentos es porque sale raro en el "code".



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